How to raise vines

1. Breeding method


Teng’s rose loves fertile soil and requires soil to be moist. Generally, when choosing soil, you will choose peat soil, add a little rotten soil and perlite, which can improve the breathability of the soil. If it is a novice to cultivate vine this season, it is best not to add base fertilizer first. After putting the base fertilizer, put a layer of soil on the fertilizer, do not let the root and the fertilizer directly contact.


It likes a moist environment and can dry it a little, but do not have stagnant water. When watering, it is best to water according to the wet and wet conditions of the pot soil. You can use chopsticks to insert into the soil to see if the soil is dry, and then water it. Be careful not to wash.


If fertilizing, you should be moderate. In the growing season of Tengdami, you can fertilize together during watering. When fertilizing, whether it is compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer, it is determined according to the needs of the plant.

Note that in spring and summer and autumn, liquid fertilizer should be applied after trimming. After dormant in winter, you can empty the roots and apply a rotten organic fertilizer.



Because of the growth rate of Teng’s rose and the needs of viewing, it is actually trimming most of the time. Pruning is of great significance to the control and flowering of the plant type. After blooming in spring, it needs to be trimmed. In the late summer and early autumn, it must be trimmed once. These are mainly trimming after flowering. it is good.

The trimming in winter is mainly to cut lightly, cut off the new buds on the plant.

Lush seedlings

Moisturizing seedlings is a very important point this season.