How to save passion fruit

Preservation method

Save at room temperature at a dry place

In the normal temperature, you can directly place passion fruit in the ventilation to keep the dry environment, but this method is only about one week.

Save in the refrigerator for freezing

Use a fresh -keeping film to wrap the pornographic fruit and freeze in the refrigerator to extend the storage period of passion fruit. After thawing, it can be eaten, but this method will slightly reduce the taste.

Save the juice of passion fruit

Put the Baixiang fruit into the mold, freeze into a popsicle, and use it at any time. This method can achieve long -term storage of passion fruit, with a maximum of one year.

Made into passion jam saved

After washing the porn fruit, cut the meat, add an appropriate amount of sugar to stir well, refrigerate in the refrigerator for about 2 hours, remove it and pour it into the container to heat it with medium heat. After boiling, turn to low heat. The whole heating is heated. Keep stirring in the process. When the color of the passion juice becomes darker and thick, put the jam made into the bottle while it is hot. This method can also be stored for a long time.


In order to taste the original fresh taste of Passion fruit, it is recommended that you buy it in moderation and place it as less as possible for a long time in order to affect the taste. In addition, considering health factors, everyone should not be greedy when eating passion fruit. By the way, when we choose passion fruit, we should choose the peel without or almost no defects and the green has been decreased, and it is about to mature. Such passion fruit is convenient for storing consumption in the future.

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