How to spend the winter

Winter way


The appropriate temperature of the growth and development of money is fifteen degrees to thirty degrees. Generally speaking, it is not suitable for ten degrees Celsius, so you must move the plants into the room in time in winter.


We all know that the equatorial area can provide the ideal brightness for plants, and plants grown in my country cannot naturally lack the nourishment of the sun. It should be let it come out to expose the sun, but be careful not to choose the place where the sun is just under the sun, because it does not like direct shooting.


Generally speaking, the amount of watering should be reduced from the end of autumn. In winter, it has less demand for moisture, so it requires a little drying around the environment. It can sprinkle water appropriately indoors, or sprinkle some water on the leaves instead of watering. Do not contain too much water, otherwise it may lead to rotting the root system.


When you put money outdoors, you don’t have to worry about fresh air. However, it is not the same in the room. If it is not ventilated in time, it is easy to cause the leaves to make a sting, and even drop it directly. However, in view of the low temperature in winter, the window opening time can be reduced, and every day can be opened for a while. In addition, of course, the plants cannot be placed in the wind.


There are very few nutrients in winter, and generally there is no fertilizer at the end of autumn. However, if readers are not assured, they can occasionally apply some water and fertilizer.


This plant is native to high -temperature and rainy areas near the equator. After being introduced into my country, it is widely planted in various regions. Because of its high requirements for calories, low temperatures will cause certain damage to plants, such as the withered leaves, so that the planters need to take care of it in winter.

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