Iron Lotus

Soil requirements

Feeling the fertile, the water is good, and the water is good, do not have water. The most important thing is that the basin must be breathable. If you have any conditions, you will use some good soil. After strictly disinfection, you can use generic rock and peat, try not to dig directly into the garden.

Watering requirements

The ironline lotus growth should ensure that the root breathing is smooth and requires watering dry and wet alternating. To make the basin soil have a dry time, in general, 2-3 cm below the soil, you can water. If it is a plastic basin, it is necessary to be another matter, and it can be watered according to the weight of the pot soil; the pottery, the pottery, the polish is needed to water. Watering, must be poured, the concept of casting is to flow at least the bottom of the pot. Pay attention to timely ventilation.

Illumination requirements

The potted iron line lotus is placed from autumn to the second year. It is cultivated under full photographs. It does not need to be shade. After entering the summer, it will lead to the old yellow leaves of the wire lotus, and the growth is incapable. In indoor maintenance, at least the sun irradiation of about 4 hours a day, otherwise the wire lotus will grow poorly.

Fertilization method

Adhere to thin fertilization, avoid receiving a good job. There are many varieties of iron ribs, some are weak, such as long lobes, evergreen, Mongol, maintenance, should be less fat. There is also a small seedlings fertilizers, it is best to use only roots to slide the seedlings, do not apply heavy fertilizers. Winter is the best season of ironline lotus fertilization, basically, take a few months!


A few months ago, a few months ago, a few months ago, allowing the roots to extend with sufficient moisture.

The ironline lotus is a vine plant, the branches are brittle, easy to break, pay attention to timely attachment.

The iron line lotus, which is placed in the open-air balcony, is detained in time, especially the rainy season, can be properly received, but do not excessively, move to the room.

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