Is love of the vans bloom?


Love is a succulent plant. Its leaf -shaped beautiful chloroplasses have a certain ornamental value and are mostly used for potted planting.

The growth habit of love is to like scattered light, avoid direct light, do not like fertilizer, drought resistance, cold, etc.

Therefore, in the environment that is suitable for the growth of love, the man of love will bloom, and its flowers are reddish -brown, and it grows in a pot. The flowering period is in spring and summer.


The vines are often used for potted viewing, so you can use plastic hanging pots, and then hang it on the side of the door, in front of the window, stem vines, etc., adding a fantastic color to your room.

Or, you can use ceramic pots to place it on the corner of the room, on the high flower stand, or the top of the bookcase. Its stems will sag and grow, which can reach about 150 cm. It is very beautiful.

Especially when the flowers bloom, it will add a fresh and quiet stem.

Flowers and stems, beautify space.

Flower language

There are many flowers in love, each of which is its unique representation:

The heart of the heart: The leaves of the vines are a heart type, and the leaves are pairing, two or 20 % pairs, like a pair of intimate lover, it is really the heart of the heart!

So when Valentine’s Day or confession, you can send your love to express your love.

Love you for a lifetime: This flower language is a more love, and it is also expressed.