Three kinds of Chinese flowers have a long history!


This is a deciduous shrub with a perennial peony. The stems of the plants are relatively high, which can reach 2 meters. The flowers are very gorgeous. The shape is also beautiful. There are many varieties of peony. The color of the flowers is diverse. There are different colors such as silver red, dark red, and other colors such as yellow and green. The flower of peony blooms a lot and has a strong aroma. The Chinese people like it particularly, especially in the Tang Dynasty. In ancient times, the peony was also sealed as the national flower, and many paintings and poems involved it.


Moran is also known as a rewarding Lan orchid, a kind of orchid native to China. The texture of the leaves is like a thin leather quality, the color is dark green, and the flowers bloom upright and upright. The color of the flowers is also very large. It is often seen as purple -brown or dark purple. The color of the lips is lighter. There are other colors of flowers, such as pink, yellow -green, white, and so on. The fragrance is strong.

plum bossom

The origin of plum blossoms is in the southern region of my country. The cultivation has a long history. It is one of the four gentlemen in the flowers. It has a high position in the traditional culture. In the Han Dynasty, there was a record of watching plum blossoms. It was mainly blooming in winter and early spring. The so -called three -year -old three friends have a beautification status, symbolizing a noble and strong quality.

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