When will the flowers in winter be watered

Why is it critical when watering flowers in winter?

In winter, most flowers will sleep, because the temperature is relatively low, so they do not grow. At this time, watering cannot be poured randomly, and flowers are easily frostbite. Therefore, it is necessary to master the watering time. This is conducive to winter overwintering and grows better.

When is it suitable for watering in winter

In winter, watering is generally less. In addition to mastering such a rule for a few days, when can watering every day is also a skill to master.

Generally, in winter, water cannot be watered in the morning, and it can be watered at night, because these two times, the temperature is relatively low. At this time, watering is easy to frost plants and is not conducive to the growth of the plant.

Generally, the dry and wet conditions of the soil should be watered with some dry soil. The time suitable for watering is at noon. At this time, after a morning sunlight, the temperature is already the highest time of the day.

When watering, pay attention to three points. One is water temperature. If the water temperature is too low, it is poured onto the plant and does not match the temperature of the soil. It will stimulate the plant and frostbite. One is that it cannot be poured on the leaves and poured on the leaves, which may cause rotten leaves. One is the amount of watering. In winter, paying attention to watering must not be too much. The water does not penetrate and causes watering. It is also very dangerous.

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