Longevity Huamai Come, don’t water it casually in summer, you will die if you accidentally

Crab claw

Reasons for Flower Flower:

Summer dormancy, the absorption function of the roots is almost stopped. If you still water it at the previous frequency, you will directly accumulate the roots of water.

Watering frequency: Pour water once a month in summer, and water must be poured through.

Dayan Tong

Reasons for Flower Flower:

Dayan Tung Tungs will sleep during the high temperature period in summer, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, and the possibility of dormant will be very likely.

Watering frequency: The big rock tung leaves are still green, indicating that there is no completely dormant, and watering needs to be wet, that is, the soil with 2 ~ 3cm surface is dry and then watered. It is about half a month to 1 month. If the leaves have been dry, it means that Dayan Tong has completely entered the dormant period, and it must be broken at this time! Broken water! Broken water!

Mountain rose

Reasons for Flower Flower:

When the temperature of the mountain rose is high, it will sleep. As long as the leaves of the mountain roses start to close, it means that it is about to enter the dormant period, then you must pay attention to watering ~

Watering frequency: The mountain roses during the dormant period are basically not growing, so it is enough to water once a month. Too much watering is easy to accumulate water.

Quiet night

Reasons for Flower Flower:

The temperature in summer is too high, and basically it will enter the dormant period after 30 degrees, and sometimes it will be wrapped in itself without more than 30 degrees.

Watering frequency: After the quiet night is wrapped, do not water more. Basically, water is basically poured once in half a month to 1 month, because the quiet night during the dormant period is basically not long. Watering should be dry and not wet!

Come to a pair

Reasons for Flower Flower:

Fairy came to high temperature, so it would sleep in the summer, and the specific performance was that all the ground parts were dry.

Watering frequency: If the ground part is still green, it means that it has not fully entered the dormant period, and the watering must be dry and wet. If the ground part is completely withered, it means that the opportunity is dormant at this time, it needs to be broken, or poured it once a month to put it in a cool and ventilated place.


Reasons for Flower Flower:

After the temperature is higher than 30 ° C, the longevity flowers will grow slowly and slowly enter the dormant period.

Watering frequency: Longevity flowers should be wet and wet during dormancy. Basically, water is poured once every half a month to 1 month, and it has to be poured ~


Reasons for Flower Flower:

Clivia is generally half -dormant in summer. The temperature exceeds 30 degrees, and it will slowly switch to the dormant state. Whether it is a semi -dormant state or a dormant state, Clivia will not grow much.

Watering frequency: Because in the semi -dormant period, the absorption of water in the gentleness of the Clivia is relatively weak, so the watering should be less, and the water is almost the same once in about 2 weeks.


Reasons for Flower Flower:

Geranium will enter a half -dormant state in the summer, and basically does not grow very much. Therefore, the demand for water is not so high, so watering must be less.

Watering frequency: Watering can be wet and wet. Watering is watering about 1 to 2 weeks to avoid water accumulation ~ Do you remember? If you have these flowers at home, you have to pay attention! Don’t water more!

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