What should I do if Brazil is too high?

What should I do if I grow too tall?

If your Brazilian wood is too high, at this time, you need to trim trees.

I believe that many flower friends should know the relevant information of Brazilian wood very well. The height can reach more than six meters. After potted plants, it is actually recommended that you apply less fertilizer. If fertilization is too full, it is likely to cause Brazilian wood to grow too high, which is not conducive to the cultivation of the indoor pot soil. Conservation. But everyone must know that Brazilian wood grows fast, and sometimes it will grow too much. So how should we trim in this situation?

The specific trimming method is as follows: First of all, before trimming, you should carefully observe the shape of the trees and see if the shape is appropriate. Secondly, determine which paragraph you want to trim and make a mark on it. Before starting, it is recommended that you disinfect the pruning tool to ensure the safety of the plant. When trimming the Brazilian wood, it is important to note that the pruning of this variety is generally a part of the branch that needs to be removed from the entire root section. When cutting, pay attention to cutting from top to bottom, then cut from bottom, and pay attention to keeping the flatness of the incision. It is best to close close to the trunk. In addition, the cut -off branches can be cut into new plants! Is there a great!

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