Night -Xiang’s breeding method and precautions

Breeding method


The night incense should be moved into the shed room in mid-to-late October. The temperature of the shed should be kept between 8-12 ° C. If it is lower than 5 ° C, it will cause the night to fall off and even die.


Ye Laixiang likes the growth environment with sufficient sunlight and good ventilation. It is suitable to put Ye Laixiang on the sun or balcony at the end of May to the end of September. It should be noted that the sun should be avoided at noon in summer.


Summer is the peak growth season of night incense. During this period, the pot soil must be kept moist, and the number of watering times can be appropriately increased according to the situation. If it is a night-time seedlings, spray water at the leaf surface 1-2 times a day.


During the growth of night incense, liquid fertilizer is required every 10-15 days. After late April, thin liquid fertilizer can be applied every half month to ensure that Ye Laixiang can continue to bloom in mid-May.


It is suitable to choose loose and fertile, good drainage and acidic soil. Nighting pot soil can generally use peat soil or rot leaf soil plus coarse river mud, according to the ratio of 3: 2, and a small amount of farmhouse fertilizer mixed preparation, and the bottom of the potted plant is about 1/5, which is filled with broken bricks. drain.


Suitable for the pot to be replaced in early April, remove some old soil and old roots when changing the basin, and replace it with new cultivation soil at the same time, and re -cut it to promote new branches. After changing the pot, keep the pot soil moist, but avoid water. If the tender leaves are slightly sagging after the pot is changed, watering needs to be watered in time.


It should be noted that the rich floral fragrance of the night is not conducive to human health. It is easy to cause dizziness, insomnia, cough and other symptoms for a long time. Especially for patients with hypertension and heart disease, the symptoms are more severe. Therefore, it should not be placed indoors, especially at night to move it to the balcony or outdoor.

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