Planting method of balcony figs

1. Light

Figs on the balcony, the first thing to pay attention to is light. If it is cultivated in the corner of the balcony and cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, it will affect the results. Therefore, to make it accessible to sufficient light, it is best to put it in a direct sunlight, and it can bear more results.

Second, water fertilizer

Water fertilizer is mainly to promote the growth of flowers, fertilization, and reasonable watering. If you water it, you need to keep the water sufficient. In summer, you should water more. Fertilization can promote strong fruit growth, but it is best to be carried out according to the growth of the plant. Also, if you find that the pot soil becomes relatively solid, it is best to loosen the soil and fertilize.

3. Prevention and treatment

When breeding on the balcony, it is easy to attract pests such as whitefly. These pests will cause fig leaves to fall off, and it is easy to drop fruit. It is necessary to spray drugs in time for prevention and treatment.

Fourth, anti -bird stealing

Another problem worthy of the fruits on the balcony is that it is very easy to attract birds, and birds will eat these fruits. You can make a small scarecrow or hang some plastic bags by yourself, which can alert the birds. Before the fruit is mature, you can put plastic bags to prevent birds from stealing.