Plum blossom variety classification

Plum flower classified by variety

According to branches and growth attitude: Ye Mei, right angle plum, water plum, etc.

Press color and flower type: Palace powder plum, red plum, water plum, green plum, big red plum, Yu Di Mei, Sprinkle Jinmei equivalent;

Plum flower by ornamental classification


Four weeks: 1. Direct Mei, 2. Apricot, 3. Sakura, 4. Mountain Pu Mei

Six categories: 1. Dragonfly, 2. Yeng Mei, 3. Long Toy Mei, 4. Apricot Mei, 5. Sakura, 6. Mountain Pu Mei (the top three categoriesSeries of the rest of the various types

19 types:

Direct branch plum class: 品 字 型, small plum type, Jiangmei, uterine powder, green, jade, cinnabar type, yellow, sprinkler

Vertic Mei Mei Class: Powder Dropping, Wubao Dropping, Residual Blond Dropping, White Bi Drops, Bone Red Dropping

Long Toy Mei Class: Yu Di Long Toy

Apricot Mei Class: Single Petice Mei and Spring

Sakurai class: beautiful plum type

Mountain Tao Mei Class: Mountain Pumen

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