Rhododendron’s breeding method and precautions

1, the environment

Planting Rhododendron is preferably having two environmental indoors and rooms. The rhododendron room is in winter, there is sunshine, and it can be well ventilated. Other seasons are placed outdoors, it is best to be mud, and the venue is spacious as possible, and it is appropriate.

2, potting soil

Rhododendron likes loose, permeable soil, excellent drainage property, pH is between 5 to 6, try not to use clay or alkaline soil. Especially some varieties such as the summer, the ractings can only use the mountain soil.

3, flower pot

Rhododendron usually use two flower pots: mud pots and purpless potato.

The veneer permeability of the mud basin is better, and this pot is used in outdoor maintenance.

Molded Rhododendron, don’t have a rhododendron already model, usually use a beautiful and elegant purpless basin. The purple sand basins is delicate, rich in color, beautiful shape, and can be more valuable.

4, watering

Rhododendron is best to use rain, followed by river water, pond water. But now most families choose tap water, allowing tap water to be placed for 1 to 2 days, allowing chlorine to volatilize. A small amount of ferrous sulfate can be added to the water, and the growth season is 7 to 10 days, often used, can maintain soil acidity.

5, precautions

(1) I am afraid of being afraid of wet, afraid of heavy fertilizer. Rhododendron’s roots must be as thin as the hair silk, very strong, so there is too much watering, root bubbles in the water; too little watering, shrinking of leaves; excessive fertilization, severe fat, will crisis life.

(2) Place place. The placement place of Rhododendron is very particular, usually in the southeast direction of the balcony, and often ventilate, and move less. Different winds are easy to suffer from dark spot, a large batch of deciduous leaves.

(3) Timely trim. After speaking, it is timely trimmed the residual flowers, and the branches, damage branches, and the long branches will avoid consuming nutrients, and clean the residual flowers of the surface of the basin. After the new branch, it is timely, Shuishui, cuts part of the buds and branches growing, and guarantee air circulation.

(4) Turn the basin. Rhododendron is slow, no need to change the basin every year, 2 ~ 3 years. Do not hurt the roots when you change the basin, and put it half of the new soil. After the landing time is brought or in autumn, it is removed from the rectangular solution to prevent pests.

(5) Pay attention to it. The weather is warming, and the faders will move the rhododendron to the outdoor (or balcony), which should be more sunshine from the room to flowering. During the flowering period, it is necessary to make a short time cover, and 40% is shade.

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