Silver star breeding method and precautions

Silver star breeding method

soil. When the silver star planted, peat mixed pearl rock and coal slag, the surface of the granules, the surface of the granules, can be contacted by the plants and soil surfaces, and also more breathable.

Water. Silver Watering is the principle of drying, watering is dried, and it is not allowed to do not water. There is less water or no water in summer. Do not spray or give big water in winter. Spring, autumn is growing long-term drying, keeping proper dry, watering once a week.

illumination. Silver Star likes sunshine. When the plant is high in summer, the plant is short-lived, and it should be properly shade. Spring, autumn and early summer are the main growth period of plants, and sufficient light can be given.

Fertilization. Silver star can fertilize 1 time per month. When the summer is hot, the fertilization is stopped, and the pot is slightly dried.

Silver star’s farming

Breeding method. Silver star reproduction can use cuttings, all year round, preferably spring and autumn. Cutting can be inserted into the leaf when cutting.

Ventilation is critical, usually ventilated, not easy to cause pest.

Change the pot every spring.

Do not poured in the corners when watering in winter, which is easy to cause blade rot, but usually clean the blades.

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