Rubing flower variety

Huanghua Yu

Huang yellow, aroma, seed gray or black, thousands of weights of 120 ~ 160 grams. Strong drought, the Sandy soil is growing well, which is more sensitive to the soil of the lime. Stem leaves contain alkaloids, in different growth environments, the content of alkaloids is different, and the alkaloid content exceeds 0.3%.

Narrow leaf meat

The stem is 1 to 1.5 meters, and there are many branches. The flowers are white or purple, when flowering, the alkaloid content of the plants is the highest.

White flowers

Hairy. The small leaves are 5 ~ 7 pieces, and the ovife is circular, and the edges are cilia. White or microstrip blue, calyx is not fragments. Seed white, round. The content between the biodias is relatively low.


The plant is compact, dwarf varieties, is also the latest early morning species of the market, 50 ~ 60 cm high, and the sunset is neat, up to 12 floral swords, rich in color (red, pink, yellow, blue, white five colors), 1. In February, it can flow in the year, and the spring broadcast autumn is broadcast, suitable for potting plants.


High varieties, height 100 ~ 130 cm, evening, strong, colorful, suitable for exposure plants and years of life.

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