When will Feiyan grass seeds grow?

The seeds of Feiyancao harvested

Before Feiyancao was sowed, the seeds were first harvested. Generally, the fruits of Feiyancao will mature during the period from August -September. The fruits contain seeds, and the seeds are relatively small.

After the fruit of Feiyancao matures, the fruit will crack and the seeds are easy to scatter, so it needs to be harvested in time. However, because Feiyancao is mature first, it needs to be harvested in batches when harvesting seeds.

The seeds harvested by Feiyan grass need to be stored. Generally, it is dry and placed in a cool and dry place indoors.

When will Feiyan grass seeds grow?

Feiyancao can be sowed in batches so that the flowers of Feiyancao can often be seen. When sowing Feiyan grass, sowing can be performed in spring and autumn. However, in places where summer temperatures are relatively high, sowing needs to avoid summer.

Basically, when sowing Feiyan grass, seedlings need to be carried out in advance. Sowing began in the late August. By October, Feiyancao’s seeds germinated and grew, and it grew 2-4 or 4 true leaves. At this time, it could be transplanted. Pay attention to thermal insulation in winter, and supplement light, which can be planted in March the following year. Such Feiyan grass can bloom from May -July.

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