Ruixiang family breeding method

Breeding method

Temperature and light

Ruixiang likes a warm and cool growth environment, happy and cold. Avoid direct sunlight, do a good job of shading in summer and ventilate properly. The plant should be moved to the room in winter and keeps room temperature above 8 ° C.


Ruixiang is wet, and the pot soil is usually not dry or wet. In summer, Ruixiang enters a semi -dormant state, which can appropriately reduce the amount of watering.


Ruixiang is suitable for loose and fertile, well -drained acidic soil.


Ruixiang fertilizer is mainly nitrogen and potassium fertilizer, and it must be applied to a small amount of black alum water. Note that Ruixiang needs to be thin with fertilizer, and avoid too strong. Pay attention to fertilization when the pot soil is too wet or the temperature is too high. Before wintering, you can apply some rotten fat.


Ruixiang is more resistant to trimming. Usually, before its germination, you can cut off the dense branches and leave some gaps, which is conducive to ventilation and light transmission. Ruixiang is suitable for trimming after flowering. In addition to cutting the branches that have been opened, it should also be cut off, dense branches, long branches, long branches, and sick branches to ensure the beautiful shape of the plant.

Ruixiang generally turn over the pots every 2-3 years, and it is usually carried out after flowers. When turning the basin, remove about 2/3 old soil, and at the same time, it is properly repaired to some long beard roots, which can be combined with the pots and raised the roots appropriately.

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