Spring maintenance of more meat plants

Change the pot

Generally, the spring is about 15 ° C, which is a strong period of meat plant stem growth, and after a year of growing bacon plants, the root is more robust, the bubble, the amount of nutrients that have been sprayed in the basin have been exhausted If you don’t change the basin in time, you will lack the space and nutrition of more meat plants to continue to grow.

When there is a pot of randhes every spring, the roots can be exhausted, become all the soils of the plate, the gas permeability and the poor watermetility, and replace the new potting soil. According to the size of the plants, select a suitable basin. Growth after a bacon plant. In addition, combined with the change in the pot, it should also be properly trimmed to maintain its beautiful plants.

Spring maintenance

Most of the white meat plants often appear in the sleep, the leaves fall, wrinkles, and plant atrophy.

Water and light

Therefore, moisture and sunshine are very important for the many meat plants that have just been awake. Appropriate increase in watering amount, keep the pot soil moist, and extend the light time, ensure a sufficient sunshine, can help the succulents to recover from bad states as soon as possible.

Climate and fertilization

However, in most parts of my country in early spring, general climate is unstable. The temperature is often low, and the sun is not strong, and the water consumption is not much, it is suitable for morning and evening. In addition, in order to facilitate nutritional reserves and the current growth needs, it can be appropriately fertilized, and can be fertilized once a month, or use a meat plant basin special fertilizer.

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