The breeding method and precautions of the big flower rhino horn

Breeding method

Temperature: The most favorable living temperature for them is 16-22 ° C. When summer is above 30 degrees, it will enter dormant, and it will allow it to survive in an environment of more than 12 degrees in winter.

Sunshine: This kind of flower likes a bit sunny but has a cool place. Even in spring or winter, it cannot be placed directly in the sun. This is even more so in summer and autumn. If it grows in the sun, it has a great impact on its health and growth, especially the summer sun.

Water: Spring and autumn are its growth period. At this time, it must ensure that its moisture is sufficient, so as to grow well. Summer should be watered, because high temperature and humidity in summer, and it will sleep at 30 degrees in summer. At this time, the demand for water will also be reduced; Wet.

Humidity: It does not require much requirements for humidity, but it should be kept dry in summer to strengthen the flow of air.

Fertilization: It can be performed every 15 days during the growth period, and it can be paused in summer and winter.


In order to make it better, the pelvis and soil are replaced in the spring every year, or some new soils with a lot of nutrients are added to the soil.

Do not stagnate when watering, otherwise it will affect its health.

Do not require it to grow too much in summer. As long as you can spend safely, and work such as breeding and pots, you must not do it in summer, otherwise you will send it to your own way.