The breeding method and precautions of white wax trees

1. Water

The white wax trees are generally mastered. When watering, pay attention to it. When not dry, you cannot pour it. In fact, it is generally less watering. Usually, as long as it keeps its pot soil, it is a little moist, but in summer, it must be properly poured a little more water. Generally, it is best to water in the morning or morning, and it is best not to pour it at night when watering.

2. Light

When raising it, general light is also very important for it. In spring, summer and autumn, the bonsai of the white wax tree must be placed in a more sunny place. In addition, it cannot be allowed to receive it in summer Directly. If the bonsai placed in the room is generally at least once every three days. In winter, if you are indoors, you must keep it sufficient sunlight, so that it can make it a normal light.

3. Temperature

The bonsai of the white wax tree is very strong. Generally, it can be survived at minus 20 degrees, zero -zero 40 degrees, and there is no bad response and disease. So we usually don’t pay special attention to temperature, but whether it is in the south or north, it is best to move to the room in winter. If there is heating in the room, pay attention to add more water.

4. Soil

After its bonsai is formed, it is necessary to replace its deep basin with shallow pots, and minimize the soil in the pot. At the same time, when distributing the soil, add a little more cumbers to it. This ratio is only half of each.

5. Fertilization

It is necessary to apply a little thin fertilizer to it when it grows, but it is necessary to apply it diligently so that it can facilitate the better absorption of the tree and effectively prevent the waste of fertilizer. Generally, it is applied every five to seven days. Generally, it is best to fertilize when the pot soil is dry on sunny afternoon, and it can also be used for watering and pouring the leaves. When it is formed, you can basically do not need to apply fertilizer.