The difference between color leaf grass and perilla

Appearance feature

The shape of color leaf grass

Color leaves are a perennial herb. The shape of the plant is more ugly and there is no ornamental value.

The plant branches of colorful leaf grass are covered with hair, the stems are four edges, and the bottom of the plant is lonely;

Leaves: Single leaves are growing on the biological character, the egg is rounded, the apex is very long, and the fate has blunt teeth. The surface of the leaves is green, yellow, pink, and chocolate.

Flowers of colorful leafy grass: Total inflorescences, small flowers, light blue or light purple.

Perilla’s shape

Perilla is a one -year -old -fashioned herb.

The stems of the perilla: the stems are green or purple, the shape is blunt four -edges, with four grooves on it, covered by pilose;

The leaves of the perilla: The leaves grow in a wide ovate or circular. The shape of the top is short -tip or a sudden tip. The base is round or wide wedge -shaped at the base. The surface of the leaves is green or purple, and the leaves are also covered with sparse pour, and the bottom is covered with pour hair;

Purple Susi Flower: Its flower is 2 flowers of the wheel umbrella flowers. The flowers are covered with fluffy, and the flowers are relatively large, mostly pink.


Habits of colorful leaves

Color leaves are a kind of plant that likes temperature. Its environmental adaptability is very adaptable. In winter, the temperature should be kept not less than 10 ° C. When high temperature in summer, pay attention to shading. Can make the leaf color bright.

So this plant is more common in the southern my country.

The growth habit of perilla

Perilla is a very strong growth and adaptive plant. It does not require strict requirements on the soil of growth. As long as it is a sandy soil with good drainage, it is mainly seen that it grows in front of the house, edge and other places in front of the house, and other places. In addition, it can be planted under the fruit trees.