The difference between corn stones and rainbow jade

The difference between the height and length of the plant

The overall height of the rainbow jade is between 10 cm and 20 cm, and the length of the leaves is about 2 cm; the overall height of the corn stones is between 10 cm and 50 cm, and the length of the leaves is between 0.6 cm and 1.2 cm. It is difficult to distinguish them from this point. If they are adults, they are easy to distinguish, but sometimes the slightly long and long length of rainbow jade will be as tall and long as corn stones, and they cannot be distinguished.

The difference between the flowering period and the color

The flowering period of the rainbow jade is the beginning of the winter. The end of the spring is yellow and red, but the color is lighter; the flowering period of corn stones is June to August, and the color of the flowers is white. This is their obvious difference, but the flowering period is limited after all.

The difference between the place of origin and distribution

Hongzhiyu is an artificial hybrid, and there is no distribution in the wild; corn stones are plants produced in Europe, mostly survive in stone gaps.

The difference between the breeding environment

They all have the ability to resist drought, but corn stones have stronger drought resistance; rainbow jade must be spent more than 5 degrees in winter, and corn stones can survive at a temperature of more than 15 degrees, and other breeding environments are the same as the same. Essence

The above are their specific differences. Some friends say that the jade of the rain of rain is: corn kernels, but this does not show that they are a plant.