Golden Ye Jingtian’s maintenance method

How to raise

Golden Ye Jingtian is a kind of plant that is very good. Although it is most likely, it can also grow well in a semi -shading environment. But pay attention to its water accumulation, it can endure drought, but cannot withstand a little flood. And it is also more cold -resistant.

Golden Ye Jingtian rarely recruit pests, and it is not easy to get sick. It is very suitable for lazy friends to cultivate.

Golden Ye Jingtian likes to gather together. It is almost growing along the ground, and multiple branches of buds will be separated from the stems, and the distance between the new branches and buds on each branches is very short. Soon, when it grows, it will be very close and close.

small garden

When I was a kid, I went to the elders in a long distance with their parents. There was a flower bed that was mounted outside the elders’ home. The elders also loved flowers and plants. There are two laps in the flower bed, and there is a golden leaf scenery in a circle, and there is a big tree inside. But every summer vacation, the first thing you see is this eye -catching golden yellow. With the white pink flowers blooming by the big tree, this small flower bed turns into a scenery. A scenery that makes people feel unreasonable.

Dear flower friends, you may wish to cultivate some golden leaves in your garden. You will find that a monotonous garden will instantly become youthful and lively.

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