The difference between gardenia and Bai Chan

1. Basic features

1. Gardenia. Its plants are generally low, about 1.2 meters, stems are gray, and small branches are green. Its leaves grow symmetrically, the length of the petiole is 514 cm, the top is slightly pointed, and the surface of the leaves is shiny. Its flowers are white, the flowers are large and fragrant, there are six petals, and there are short flower stems. Its fruits are oblong and there are more seeds. Gardenia blooms from May and June, and it has been driving in August. The fruit grows in October.

2. Bai Chan. Bai toad is a variant of gardenia flowers. Its plant is slightly taller, and it can grow up to 2 meters. The leaves are leather and the shape is ovate. When blooming, the flowers are only at the top of the finger sleeve or the axillary of the leaf. The flowers are relatively large and the aroma is very strong. Bai Chan’s flowering time is from March to July, and the result is from May to February.

2. Growth environment

1. Gardenia. It likes the sun but it can also be relieved. In a cool environment, the leaves will be very green, but the quality of flowering will decline. It likes a relatively warm and humid climate, but it can also carry the cold and heat. It likes fertile acidic soil, but it can also grow in arid and barren soil, but it will be aging in advance.

2. Bai Chan. It likes to grow in broad -leaved forests, wet places on the roadside, hillside and shrubs and rivers. It is better to adapt to and survive.

Third, distribution range

1. Gardenia. The origin of gardenia flowers is in China. Most areas of my country are planted, and many provinces are widely distributed.

2. Bai Chan. Bai Chan is mainly distributed in Shaanxi Province, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi Province and other provinces. In addition, the Himalayas and Japan can also be seen.

These are the differences between gardenia and Bai Chan. Don’t make mistakes in the future!