The difference between Ji Yulu and Gong Lan Yulu

The difference between appearance:

Ji Yulu: The top of Ji Yulu will become very transparent in a good growth environment, the color is green, and it will also have a little red, which is very attractive. After the excessive sunlight is sun, the top becomes brown.

Gong lantern Yulu: The top end of the palace lamp Yulu is covered with fine velvet, which gives people a more hazy shape. There is no crystal clear state like Ji Yulu, and its color presents darker green. Its top is also covered with patterns, but it is even thicker than Ji Yulu’s texture. When exposed to the sun, the top will turn black or gray.

Other differences:

Their growing environment is almost the same, but Ji Yulu is easy to be sunburned if it takes a long time in a strong sunlight, and the palace lantern Yulu can endure it for a while.

The growth rate of palace lantern Yulu is fast, which may have a lot to do with palace lantern Yulu. Ji Yulu has slowly growing, but it is particularly easy to live.

Ji Yulu needs to be careful and careful in breeding, but the palace lamp Yulin grows fast, so it is particularly easy to feed. This is why it is the reason why an ordinary Yulu type has such a large market.

Generally speaking, the most obvious difference between them is the color, transparency, hairlessness and hair of the top. Ji Yulu’s top is very transparent, and the top of the palace lamp Yulu looks more turbid.