The difference between mandala flowers, mandala and Manjushahua

Datura flowers

The mandala flower is also called a large horn flower. In fact, although this flower is very similar to the name of the mandala, in fact, the appearance of the two is completely different.There is a large horn -shaped in the mandala flower. Mandala and Manjushahua are very similar. The shape of the entire plant is very peculiar, and it is easy to separate from the Mandala flower area.


Mandalawa is also called white flowers and garlic. The color is mainly white. It can be said to be exactly the same as Manjushahua’s entire appearance, but their colors are different. Mandalawa is white, while Manjushahua is red.The difference between this color is the most important point to distinguish between the two.

It is said that Mandalawa is a flower in heaven.


Manjushahua is often referred to as the other side of the other side. It always blooms red flowers, which is very beautiful.

Manjushahua and Mandala are still very similar, but the color of the two is different, and Manjushahua is even more open to hell in hell. It is said that it is open by the road by Huangquan and guidance for the soul guidance here here.So it is also called the flowering flower.

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