The difference between Qinglongcao and Cuiyuncao

The distinction of two plants

Morphological characteristics

Cuiyuncao is a medium -sized vine plant. Its stems can grow along the ground. There are many branches of branches, and they are more messy. Its leaves are like an oval.

Green dragon grass is a relatively weak plant. Its stems are relatively soft and slender, usually about 30 cm. Plants can see a small amount of white powder, and the roots can distribute many branches and grow towards surroundings.

Leaf characteristics

The leaves of Cuiyuncao interact with each other, which can form a two shapes. The surface of the blades is relatively smooth, and the edges of the leaves are relatively smooth. The branches are relatively large, and the color is green. The leaves growing in the main stems are like a heart shape, and the leaf growing leaves is relatively round and symmetrical.

The leaves of green dragon grass are like a thin line, which is about three cm, a width of about one centimeter, the top is pointed, and there is a separate leaf vein. Green dragon grass can bloom white flowers. The length of the flower stalk is short, about three centimeters in length. Green dragon grass can also set up a round nut. The color is relatively lighter green. The surface of the nut is like a spider web. Every spring, green dragon grass will bloom. In the early summer season, nuts will be knotted. After knowing so much, you don’t have to worry about the two plants in the future.

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