The difference between white birds and silver fingers

Difference between appearance

The white bird’s appearance is like a ball, and it feels softly. The whole body is dense and white, which is very short and small. Although there are many spines, because it is long, it is not tie. Looking from a distance, the flowers are pink purple, which is beautiful when blooming. Silver fingers, you can see the name, it looks the same shape as the beautiful woman’s fingers, thin and long, the body is white thorns, some are yellow, and the thorns have gaps, but its thorn is prominent. Well, you will tie your hands to the touch, and the flowers are faintly yellow, and it is also very beautiful.

The difference between soil requirements

White birds are relatively high, and they like more delicate soil. They must add 1: 1 peat soil and perlite. If the new plant just grown or transplanted separately, the soil must be softer to choose to take root smoothly. The requirements of the soil are not so soft on the soil. As long as it is a sandy soil, the general garden soil can be adopted, and it does not matter if it is mixed with coarse sand.

The difference between light requirements

White birds and silver fingers like sunlight, but their love is completely different. White birds cannot be exposed to strong sunlight. It will quickly lose water, become soft, and no longer grow up. However, the silver fingers are not afraid of being irradiated by the strong light, but they like the sun very much. Don’t worry about it will be destroyed. You can put it in a sunny place at will.

Differences in watering requirements

Both of them do not need a lot of moisture. Most of them will cause rotten roots to affect their growth. Usually, keep the soil in the basin more dry. When the temperature is below 2 ° C, the white bird will start to sleep. At this time, avoid watering. When the temperature is below 5 ° C, you must do a good job of cold and warm the silver finger, and you cannot water it.