How to trim hibiscus flowers

How to trim


Hibiscus flowers are a plant that is not cold -tolerant and fast growth. Generally, it can be trimmed within two more time periods, after the hibiscus flowers bloom, or when the early spring buds, the monthly view is about 10 to November, or from February to March. Choose trimming in these two periods that are conducive to the savings of nutrients in plants and the growth of new branches.


It is recommended to choose the way to build the construction according to your own cultivation. If there are many trees and the tree shape is relatively unprecedented, you can reintegrate the tree shape in a re -cut method. If the growth of the tree is not very good, you can only trim the weak branches, withered branches, inner hall branches, and annual branches to make the crown look relatively strong and neat. In general, the hibiscus flower basically needs a certain amount of retirement, but no matter what kind of trimming method, it should be above five centimeters above the target value of the clinical cross -node.


We usually ignore the important point after trimming the hibiscus flower, which is the protection later. In areas with large humidity and low temperature, you can wrap it with plastic membranes or apply healed injuries to prevent frozen flowers at the cutting mouth after cutting. When it is relatively cold, it can also be short, or only the height of about 10cm above the soil surface, and take the insulation measures.

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