The difference between white magnolia and white orchids

Different flowers

Although the colors of white magnolia and white orchids are white, the flowers of white magnolia have no smell, and the flowers of white orchids have a fresh and pleasant aroma. In addition, the flowers of white magnolia are relatively large, the flower type is round and full, and the color is white. The flowers of white orchids are relatively small. The flower buds are a bit like a brush pen. The flower shape is slender and the color is milky. The flowers of white orchids grow between the axillary of the leaf, and the flowers of white magnolia are generally growing at the tip of the branches.

Different flowering

Bai Yulan is also known as the spring flowers in the people. Bai Yulan is open in spring, and it is only opened once a year, and Bai Orchid can bloom twice a year. It can bloom in summer and autumn. Blossoming in autumn is relatively small.

Different tree -shaped

The white magnolia trees are generally two or three meters, and the highest height can reach fifteen meters. White orchids are relatively high. The potted white orchids can reach three or four meters. The normal height is generally about 17 to 20 meters. The leaves of the white orchid trees are elliptical. The leaves are large, green and shiny, without fluff, and the leaf pattern is clear. The blades of the white orchid tree are relatively small, oval, smooth on top, and fluffy with fluffy on the bottom. There are also fluff on the petiole. The tender buds of white magnolia are covered with a thin layer of fluff. The young branches of white orchids are often green, and the young branches of white magnolia trees are tan like other branches.