The difference between Yu Meiren and Poppy

The names of Yu Meiren and Poppy are different

Yu Meiren’s scientific name is Papaverrhoeas, and the scientific name of the poppy is Papaversomniferum. Look at it, is there a big difference? Poppy’s name is longer.

Different plants of Yu Meiren and Poppy

All Yu Meiren has obvious rough hair, with many branches and slender flower stems, thin leaves, and the overall feeling is very weak. The entire poppy plant is smooth and white with white powder, including stems, leaves, fruits and other parts. The stems are thick, the stems have less branches, and the leaves are thick. It looks a lot stronger than Yu Meiren!

The flowers of Yu Meiren and Poppy are different

The diameter of Yu Meiren is relatively small. Generally speaking, the diameter of the flowers is about 5 cm to 6 cm. The petals are extremely thin. Wait, and most of them are single petals, the texture is tender, and it looks very delicate.

The poppy flowers are different, the flowers are large, there are stroke flowers, the flowers can reach 10 cm in diameter, the petals are thick, the color is mainly red, which is very shiny. Compared with Poppy, Yu Meiren is really a weak beauty!

The leaves of Yu Meiren and Poppy are different

The leaves of Yu Meiren will be split, and the entire leaves are narrow shape. Poppy leaves are an irregular jagged shape and will not be split.