Tiger skin farming method and precautions

Family farming method

Selection of flower pots

Flower Pot Basin Requirements: Cotta Cultivation can be used in muddy pots, plastic basins, porcelain pots.

Flower pots: Tiger Lelands can be planted in a pot of 16 to 30 cm pelvis. The root of Tiger’s skin is not deep, but it is used to use high flower pots, which is conducive to the beauty of strains.


Tiger Pisui, medium fertile, drainous sandy soil, but the soil requirements are not strict, good drainage is good. The family can use the following formula: Garden soil: Roticulus: Sand’s ratio is 5: 2: 3, peat soil: rot leaveso: sand: the proportion of pearls is 4: 2: 2: 2.

Environmental requirements

Sunshine: Tiger skin, it is best to place the plant in the sun can direct, and if the conditions are not allowed, it can be placed relatively close to the sun. It is placed in a cool place for a long time, causing yellow leaves.

Temperature: Tiger Leilan is relatively high for growth temperature, the most suitable growth temperature is 20 ~ 30 ° C, winter cannot be less than 10 ° C in winter, and pay attention to insulation in the northern region.

Watering method

Tiger’s skin is moist, and the soil is more droughtable.

Spring is the growth season of the new leaf, and the root neck will grow, slightly higher in the water, and keep the pot soil moist. After the leaves are long, the wet is moist as good, that is, the soil is dried and water is watered.

When the temperature is low in winter, keep the potting soil without dry, water water is water water, so as to cause rot to rot in the water.

Fertilization method

Tiger Lan is not high on fertilizer requirements. After the new leaves are long, they need to be subjected to compulsory liquid fertilizer, or choose 1000 times dilution germline 1 to 2 times, 10 to 15 days.

Pay attention to when fertilization, use the fine mouth watering can to be filled along the pot, do not water fertilizer into the levy, otherwise the blade rot is grown.

Change the pot

Tiger Leilan is faster than other family plants. When long is full of pots, the old leaves can be cut off or growing over-density, ensuring sunshine and growing space. In addition, change a pot of a basin every two years, change half of the new earth, and take the old leaves.


Don’t suddenly see light

Many families may be in the living room, desk, etc., have little sun, this situation, should not suddenly move the plant to the sun, should be gradually progressing, first moved to the place where the light is better, let it adapt Then see the sun, so as not to burn the blades.

Watering should be appropriate

Watering Ning does not dry. Usually scrubbing the leaves, keep the leaves clear and bright. According to the sessile Spring Festival new plant, the sprouts need to be water, keep the pot soil moist; the high temperature season keeps the potted soil, autumn and winter season, properly controlled water, increase resistance.

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