Western cultured methods and precautions

Best growth soil

Most of the silver queen is potted, and you should choose the soil. Pot plants are usually used with loose peat soil, the grass and soil is best, or mixed with rucoflasts, sand soil soil, and use a small amount of ferrous sulfate to dilute the soil.

Water fertilizer regulation requirements

Spring and Autumn is the peak season of the Sinhuang’s growth, and it is necessary to water, the basin should always remain moist, water temperature cannot be too low. Frequently sprayed with water, prevent the leaves from dry, but try not to strengthen water.

Every half a month is given a thinner, watering is combined with fertilization, ensuring that the fertilizer is very suitable. The winter is slower, and there is less watering, stop fertilization.

Best growth temperature

The Sinhuang was the fastest growing at 20-24 ° C, and the growth of the leaf was easy to send. So summer maintenance, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down, often ventilate, or sprinkle water to the ground. Don’t put the Queen after the winter in winter, so as to avoid too low temperature, affect growth. Winter control temperature is between 10 ° C, do not lower than 5 ° C.

Best growth light

In the summer, you should pay attention to shading outdoor, do not make the light too strong, otherwise it is very easy to happen. In the winter shed, you pay attention to picking, prevent light inadequate leaf.

Maintenance precautions

Don’t strengthen water in the basin of the silver queen (watering too), so it is easy to cause the root to rot, it is best to see the basin soil after drying. If the potter is deep, the watering frequency should be reduced, and the water can be water or spray water in the summer to ensure humidity. There is a saying that “live is not alive in the water”, the importance of watering.

It can’t be exposed. The silver queen is mainly to watch the blade, and the long-term in the sun, especially in the summer, the blade can be burned, affecting the value of viewing, and has lost its significance.

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