What are the propagation methods of peach blossoms?

Peach blossoms breeding

Spring with hard branch cutting, the scorpion cutting cutting.

The cutting strip must grow and be growing and enriched.

The hard branch cutting time is mainly spring, the interposer is scised in about 20 cm, in order to prevent disease infection and promote rooting, the lower end of the socket is preferably 50% more bacteria 600-1 200 times liquid, with hydrazine 750-4500 mg / L of butyric acid is rapid to cutting, the row range of 4 cm × 30 cm, the cutting depth is 2/3 of the length of the socket length.

Peach grafting breeding

Breeding rootstocks are highly used in peach or peach, branches, branches, and buds.

Branch: The bud in March has begun to germinate. Common cutting, rootstocks are good for the biological seedlings for 2 years.

Brudgies: In July 7 – August, multi-purpose “Ding” is used. The rootstock is good with a realistic seedlings in a year.

Peach blossom seed breeding

The flower period of the peach is from 3 to April, and the fruit period is from June to August.

Collecting mature fruits, stacked, removes the flesh, dry the collected pure seedlings, can be broadcast.

Soak 5-7 days before sowing. The autumn emerging has been early in the following year, the seedling rate is rapid, and the growth is rapid and strong. The spring is sowing, and the seedling seeds need to be wet sand to store more than 120 days. It uses the stroke, 10 cm, 1-2 cm deep, and 6 cm after the broadcast. The seedlings were 3 cm high time seedlings, seeding, and strains from 20 to 25 cm.

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