What are the twelve months of Chinese flower gods?

Monthful Flower God

The plum blossom god is said to be Lin Yan, a poet in the Northern Song Dynasty. One said that it was Liu Mengmei in the Peony Pavilion of the Ming Dynasty. In the dream, he met Du Li Niang who died of love under the plum tree. After that, Du Li Niang also combined with Liu Meng to achieve a twisting marriage.

February Flower God

Apricot Hua Shen said that it was a keyman, and he taught someone to cook the fire of jujube apricot. When it was said to be Yang Yuhuan, after An Lushan calmed down, Xuanzong wanted to migrate the concubine, but saw the forest and apricot flowers next to Ma Guopo.

March Flower God

Peach Blossom God said that it was Yang Yanzhao, one of the Yang family in the Northern Song Dynasty. He kept his side for twenty years and repeatedly broke the Khitan army. It may be that he was defeated by the pirates, just like the canona of Peach Wood expelled the evil, so he was named the peach blossom god. It was said to be Cui Ge, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, because he wrote a famous sentence that “people do not know where to go, peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze.”

April Flower God

The Peony Flower is said to be Li Bai, a poetic poetry of the Tang Dynasty who has written a number of peony poems.

May Flower God

The pomegranate flower god said to retrieve the pomegranate Zhang Chun from the Western Regions. One said that it was Zhong Kui, because the pomegranate flowers were in the Dragon Boat Festival, each of which was posted by Zhong Kui to dispel evil spirits, so the pomegranate flower and Zhong Yan pulled the relationship.

June Flower God

The lotus flower god is said to have left the trail of picking lotus in Suzhou Jinfan.

July Flower God

The god of jade is said to be Mrs. Li, who is petted by Emperor Hanwu, because she usually inserts a jade pupae and spends it.

August Flower God

The osmanthus god is said to be Dou Yujun of the Five Dynasties. He taught his son, and the five sons were all officials and officials, and their father and son were known as “Ling Chun, a old, Dangui Wuzhi Fang”. The other is the green bead of Shi Shiong, Jingzhou, Jingzhou, Western Jin, and she is beautiful and beautiful. Zhao Zhengsi’s same party Sun Xiu once wanted to capture the green beads as his wife, to Shi Chong’s killing by Zhao Wang, and the green beads fell to the building. People are scattered with osmanthus, and she is the osmanthus god.

September Flower God

The chrysanthemum god is said to be Tao Yuanming. The poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty has written a lot of verses of chanting chrysanthemums with chrysanthemums. The representative of the hermit as a hidden of the flower is the most appropriate.

October Flower God

Orchid Flower God is said to be Qu Yuan, a poet of the Chu State during the Warring States Period, and he used Lan Yan in Li Sao. He loves the country deeply, but when he sees the corruption of the court and his political ideals cannot be realized, he can commit himself to suicide.

November Flower God

Narcissus Flower God is said to refer to Luo Shen. Because Narcissus peanuts are on the water, their posture is elegant and elegant, and there is a Lingbo fairy, so people use Luo Shen as a narcissus flower god.

December Flower God

The Plum Blossom God is said to be Su Dongpo and Huang Tingjian in the Song Dynasty. Because they advocated that Huang Mei was called Lamei.