What are the varieties of blueberries


Gulong Blueberry

Gao Cong Blueberry can be divided into two categories: south high -clump blueberries and north high -crow blueberries. The former likes a moist and warm growth environment, suitable for cultivation in Central China, South China and other regions. Strong, suitable for development in the north. The variety of this variety is large, good quality, and good taste. It can be cultivated as a sales variety in the fresh fruit market, and it can also be used as processing cultivation. It can also be cultivated in the courtyard.

Half -Half Cluster Blueberry

It is a variety of high -clies to make blueberries and short -cut blueberries. The tree is relatively short, with a height of about 50-100 cm. The fruit is large, the quality is excellent, and the cold resistance is strong. It can usually resist the low temperature of -35 ° C, which is suitable for cultivation in cold regions in the north. The main excellent varieties include Beiyu, North Blue, Beicun, and so on.

Blind Blueberry

The trees with short-cut blueberries are short and the height is only about 30-50 cm. The cold resistance ability is extremely strong, which can be cultivated in low-temperature areas of -40 ° C. At the same time, the cultivation management technology of low-cut blueberries is relatively simple, which is very suitable for commercialized cultivation in a large area in the Gaohan Mountains in the northeast. The main excellent varieties include Miden, Fanty, etc.

Rabbit Eye Blueberry


American varieties, late maturity, strong disease resistance. Plants grow strong and upright, large crown, and strong continuous and high -yield capacity. The fruit maturity period can last 6-7 weeks. The fruit is large and hard, dark blue, the fruit traces are dry and small, and the taste is better.

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