What does Begonia Flower mean


Begonia flowers are a plant with a long history of planting and a more unique plant in my country’s flower industry. The appearance characteristics present a brown bark and trunk, which looks very comfortable visually. Begonia flowers a well -known flower language is gentle, it is said that it is derived from the color of the elegant petals, giving a gentle and elegant feeling; or because it has a strong cold resistance and drought resistance, there is a fearless fearlessness and fearlessness. The beauty of the plant is beautiful.


As mentioned earlier, the beauty of Begonia flowers, so there is no need to say more about the beauty of natural appearance, so the flower language of “beauty” is the fact that everyone has witnessed. So what kind of flower is so charming? Take a look at the beautiful picture below.


The ancients said: “Parents are there, not far away, and there must be a party.” It means that many of the old people in ancient my country were full of ambitious people who left their hometown in order to leave their hometown. Begonia flowers and sorrow and miss.

Bitter love

Begonia flowers also have the meaning of bitter love between men and women, which means that a lover must face parting, and the painful complex of the two sides is very painful.

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