What is river sand

Introduction to Hezha

The river sand is formed and friction for a long time by the effect of natural stone. The surface is relatively smooth and the color is white and yellow. It is a non -metallic ore with more impurities.

Rivers and sand composition

The ingredients of river sand are relatively complicated. Generally speaking, the main ingredients are quartz and contain elements such as silicon dioxide.

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First, the particles of river sand are smooth and clean;

The second is that the source of river and sand is very wide, the material is convenient, and the cost is low;

The third is that the river sand has no taste, and the sea sand has a salt flavor;

Fourth, the water and sand permeability and breathability are good.


The first is that the river and sand have no nutrients;

The second is that the rivers and sand particles are large, it is easy to leak fertilizer and water, and the water preservation is poor;

The third is that the river and sand are easy to leak. Sometimes, in order to keep the plant water, they have to water frequently, causing the plant to rot the roots.

Applicable plants in river and sand

River sand is an ore that is insoluble in water, and there are very few nutrients required for plant growth. Generally speaking, the use of river and sand cultivation plants do not use its nutrition, but like vermiculite, as support for plant root systems in soil -free cultivation. When cultivating soilless cultivation, nutrient solution should be applied to supplement the nutrients required for plant growth. When cultivating malt, it can be cultivated with disinfected river sand, and river sand can also be used as a mixed -matrix breeding succulent plant.

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