What kind of meat is suitable for you, Korean goods, European goods or China?

Korean succulent

Speaking of South Korea meat, pressing a pink, fat, color is always so small. But after buying home, I found that how the state is getting worse, or how can I raise it.

Usually buy more meat, I will tell you, find some granules, change a beautiful little pot, try to water, try less. As a result, in the human intervention, there is a state in which the leaf thin, the strain wrap, and the outer side of the leaves are present. But these are ideal, and after buying back, the control can not be played, and if you can’t raise the meat, it will be ugly.

European parente

In fact, there is no difference in the color of Korea and European, but the Korean goods are better, and the European products are larger.

But European plot is bought back, the biggest problem is, how do you get it more?

Made in China

This is actually very well understood, which is something that is breeding from the Chinese greenhouses, or some of the fleste.

Compare other two, the product is not so good, the pile is so old, the plants are not so big, the variety is so new. But China’s manufacturing is absolutely simple, cheap, and easy to get.

How to choose the meat that is suitable for you

First, novices try to choose the variety of surrounding greenhouses, or breeds in the same city. In this way, meat can be quickly adapted to the environment, two, various breeding methods and experience more suitable for you. In addition, this kind of flesh can raise anything in your city. (Although Korean goods is good, but drifting the ocean over the sea transportation, green, I can’t live, even if it is very good, the state will not go!)

Second, friends in the north are more suitable for Korean goods and European goods, of course not absolute. Because Korean goods are relatively difficult, in the summer, the summer is low, the summer is easy.

The last thing is the time problem, the north, winter is longer, so in the autumn and end of the autumn, don’t buy meat; the south, the summer is longer, and you can purchase more summer seeds.

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