What kind of varieties are there

Overview of the type

Although there are 366 types of large and small in the legend, there are 366 types of upper and small, but legend is legend after all. 366 types are really difficult to find. In real life, the types of diverse categories can be roughly divided into four categories. The large leaves, large glazed, and small flowers are the most common and most common. The others are some variants. The general shapes and properties do not change. Next we will introduce these kinds of complexity one by one.


It is the most common. Everyone is the most common. It can be used as medicine, but it is also a toxic plant. It can make reasonable use of it, which can reduce swelling and pain, breast milk, etc. This kind of plant is likely to die, so it must be used reasonably and cannot be blindly obedient. In addition, the height of this strands is about ten to twenty centimeters. The flowers blooming are white colors, and the flowers are relatively small and belong to herbal plants.

Small flower

The small flowers are a variant of a strands. Its functions and colors have not changed much. At the time of the name implies, the size of this kind of flowers must be slightly smaller. Between five centimeters, the flowers have fragrance.

Big Leaf Fan Wait

The characteristics of the large leaves are slightly larger than all other ductive and rimmed variants. Of course, the large leaves and the functions of the scattered and the medicinal value are the same.


It grows more in temperate and tropical areas. The flowers are mostly blue, and the ornamental value is relatively high. From a distance, it looks like glazed beads, so it is named the glass.

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