Mo Lang’s breeding method and precautions

First, soil

Mo Lan’s planting soil requires rich humicity, microly acidic, loose breathable, and water storage. For example: the rugs in the forest, the coarse sand in the river, the dead bark, broken bricks, grain shells, moss, edible macrobes.

Second, flower pot

Commonly used orchids are: mud pots, ceramics, enamel, plastic tanks, suitable for balconies, roof and indoor.

However, the family is mostly ornamental, it is best to use a purpless basin or a plastic basin. Orchid special purpless basin, more high-horned, porous, hydrophobic breathable, simple, mold, deep, low, easy to move, minimize floor stress.

Third, light

Mo Lan likes half-yin environment, the winter sun is weak, the spring is soft, suitable for the growth of Mo Lan, can all day photos. Summer and autumn sun are strong, need to be properly shade. You can put the orchid under the eaves, just see light in the morning or in the evening, don’t see light after 9:00 am.

Four, temperature

Roots of the orchid and normal growth are between 20 to 28 ° C, the temperature is slow to grow at 20 ° C, and the growth is rapidly greater than 25 ° C, and the sleep state is entered at 30 ° C.

Winter temperature is 10 ° C ~ 16 ° C during the day, at night temperature 5 ° C ~ 10 ° C, and the ink can sleep normally. Family Ranko is in the indoor winter, and there is no need to take warm measures in winter and spring. If the wind is in the garden or the balcony, it can be used to build a plastic film.

Five, fertilization

Molan fertilizers “It is a light bike”, in the spring, the autumn is stopped.

When the temperature is 18 ~ 25 ° C, you can fertilize, apply once every 20 days. After fertilization, it is subjected to water, prevent the fertilizer to staple the blades.

6. Precautions

1. Avoid the sun. It can be placed on the eastward, south, and west to the balcony. Among them, the cultivation effect of eastward and west is better, and should avoid the sun and the sun. Because of the high shortness of Mo Lan, it can be placed.

2. Turn the pot in time. There is also a limitation of orchid, the best viewing time is 5-7 years after planting, in the case of no bowblative, 2 years later will decrease, so it is necessary to turn the basin in time.

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