What kinds are there in Pao Tong

Lancao Pao Tong

The main origin is in the southwestern part of Shandong Province and eastern Henan Province. The vertical distribution can reach about 1400 meters above sea level. The trunk of the Lancao Pao Tong is straight, and the crown is wide, mostly round ovate or flat spherical. The bark color is gray -brown. Small branches are long. The shape of the leaves is ovate or wide ovate. The inflorescence is narrow conical, the flower is large, the calyx is a bell -shaped pour cone, the bell -shaped funnel -shaped crown, the color is light purple. The shape of the 卵 fruit is mostly ovate, with fine hair outside and not sticky. The seeds are smaller and oval.

Mao Pao Tong

It is distributed in provinces from the Yellow River Basin to the Yangtze River Basin. The main producing areas are Shaanxi and western Henan. Most of the trunks of this variety are low bending, and the crown is umbrella -shaped. How long branches, leaves, flowers, fruits. Ova or widespread leaf. The inflorescence is a wide -tapered shape, the flower buds are close to the spherical, the cracked cracked, the corolla bell, and the fresh purple or blue -purple. The oval of the。 蒴.

Baihua Pao Tong

The main producing areas are south of the Yangtze River Basin. In addition, in Dabie Mountain, Guangdong, Guangxi, Taiwan, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places are distributed. This variety has a high energy of 27 meters. Young branches and tender leaves are branched and glanded. The heart is ovate -like, full, conical umbrella inflorescence, the corolla color is white or lilac, and the calyx is light cracks. The length of the cricket is about 6-10 cm, oval, and the peel is thick.

Sichuan Papo

Distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, western Hubei and southwestern Hunan. The vertical distribution can reach 1200-3000 meters above sea level. The dense fluffy hair, the branches and the leaf surface. The shape of the leaves is heart -shaped or ovate and non -sticky. Corolla bell -shaped, mostly white or purple, bell -shaped calyx, and the cracks are ovate -shaped, without rolls. The fruits are about 4 cm long, with ovate and peel.

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