What soil is used for Phalaenopsis

Soil principle

What kind of soil should Phalaenopsis use?

First of all, we can know that Phalaenopsis is a plant with gas attributes. It is not advisable to use soil when planting.

The second is that Phalaenopsis has its own requirements when choosing the soil. Its soil requirements are relatively high. What it needs to be breathable and water -transparent, showing slightly acidic and rotten soil.

What kind of soil should

I believe that when many people buy Phalaenopsis, the boss who sells flowers will tell me that although Phalaenopsis can change the pot, after the pot is changed, the soil cannot be soil.

So, what soil should be used for Phalaenopsis?

When choosing the soil, we have two choices.

First, go to the market to buy some orchids dedicated to breeding Phalaenopsis. These soils are already configured and can be used directly. Of course, it is more worry -free and labor -intensive. For flower friends who don’t know how to choose the soil, how to match the soil, You can choose such a soil.

The second is to configure the soil by yourself. When configured the soil of Phalaenopsis, it can generally use water moss, wood chips, bark, charcoal, etc., single use or mixed configuration to meet the needs of Phalaenopsis as much as possible.

Flower pot selection

Speaking of the soil, let’s talk about the flower pot. When breeding Phalaenopsis, the flower pots should also choose better. Generally speaking, plastic pots and ceramic pots are okay. However, in order to meet Phalaenopsis’s needs for breathability, you can choose a shallow basin with holes. The pot should not be too high.