The breeding method and precautions of the sea buckthorn

Lupine breeding method

Light and temperature

The sea buckthorn has not strict temperature, extremely resistant to cold and cold, minimum to 50 ° C, maximum to 50 ° C. The sea buckthorn is a positive tree species, which is like light, and the number of years is appropriate for 1500-3300 hours.


Seabuckthorn is barren and requires an annual precipitation of more than 400 mm. However, if it is planted in valleys or places such as river beach, it can also grow normally. In addition, pay attention to avoid water accumulation and drain water in time in the rainy season.


During the flower buds and fruits of the sea buckthorn, timely spraying strong fruit psychic spirit, which plays a role in increasing nutrients, is conducive to preventing flowers, increasing fruit sitting rates, and accelerating its expansion to ensure the high quality and high yield of fruit.


Seabuckthorn has strong adaptability to soil. It is suitable to choose gravel soil, sand soil, etc., but avoid too sticky soil.

Precautions for breeding of sea buckthorn

Trimming tree

When the sea buckthorn grows to about 2-2.5 meters high, the top is needed. If you do n’t go smoothly, go to the old age, you need to trim in the dense part, lack the empty branches, cut off the bottom cut, and the crown has a high yield.

Pest Control

Dry to shrink the main disease of the sea buckthorn, while the common pests of the sea buckthorn include sea buckthorn aphids, spring ruler, apples of leaf moths, and so on.

For the specific prevention and treatment of seabuckthorn’s dry shrinkage, you should choose a variety of disease resistance when planting a sea buckthorn, while strengthening management, regular loosening soil, improving soil breathability, and enhancing the disease resistance of plants. Chemical prevention can be performed in late April, and 40%of the multi-bacterial gum suspension is 500 times or nailobobadin 800 times liquid, once a month, 3-5 consecutive times.

For aphids harm, 10%pyrodine 2500-3000 times solution can be sprayed for control. For the harm of Pingxiao’s church moths and spring ruler, it can be sprayed with a speed of 20%and 3000 times the solution, and 2500 times solution can be used for control.

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