When mint, choose a deep basin or shallow basin

Mint planting premise

When planting mint, the prerequisite for potted plants must first refer to the following points.

The first is the breed of mint.

There are many types of mint, such as Chinese mint with ovate leaves, and vanadium beefedies with heart -shaped leaves. Each long method is different. If you plant incense beefedo, because the rhizomes are strong, the rhizomes are very stout, and the entire flower pot grows. And Chinese mint is even more powerful, basically crazy. Therefore, according to different varieties, it is best to choose different flower pots.

The second is the number of planting. Some flower pots may be relatively small, and some people may like to grow many trees at once. Basically, the more planting, the larger the flowers needed. But don’t plant mint crazy.

Mint is generally a deep basin

Breeding mint is usually a deep basin.

First of all, in order to pursue the effect of explosive pots, sometimes you choose to breed a number of trees at once. At this time, you need to choose a larger flower pot so that the plant will have room for growth.

Secondly, choosing a deeper flower pot, mint has a large growth space, and you don’t have to change the pot frequently. It should be noted that the deep basin may be almost breathable.

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