When will Dayan Tong Blossom

The flowering period of the big rock tung

The flower of the big rock tung is top or thexillary on the branches, and the corolla is bell -shaped;

The color of its flowers is pink, red, purple, white, white, compound color and other colors and large flowers. A large rock tung can bloom dozens of flowers.

The flowering period of the Great Rock Tung Tongs is between April and November, and the flowering period is relatively long.

The flowering period of Dayan Tong

The flowering period of Dayan Tong needs to be carefully maintained, so that it can be blossomed and beautiful;


In order to promote the blooming and flowering flowers in Dayan Tong, the root must be raised, and what to promote the growth of the roots is to use fertilization and topdressing; you should also pay attention to the use of the soil and use loose breathable water to cultivate;

During the flowering period of the big rock tung, fertilizers such as hemp sauce (rotten), poultry manure and compound fertilizer can be applied, so that the root system can help grow and promote the flowering of Great Rock Tung.

Pruning work

During the growth period, the branches and leaves of the Great Rock Tungs will grow with flowers, and they will be leafy. In order not to affect the maintenance of flowering, the branches and leaves need to be trimmed;

You can cut off the entire leaves of this or cut off the relevant blades as half a sheet. This is to make all the flowers open on the top of the plant, forming a bouquet, which is beautiful and generous.

Water management

During the flowering period of Dayan Tong, a lot of water is needed, so pay attention to watering but do not accumulate water;

It can be watered once in the morning and evening, and each time it must be poured, which helps the growth of the root system, thereby promoting the prosperity of flowering.

Alright, the things of the big rock tung blooming are like this, if you still know some