When will Fengxianhua bloom?

Flowering period

The flowering period of Fengxianhua is actually relatively long. Generally, Fengxianhua will bloom in summer and autumn. The blooming time is mainly concentrated in July -October.When the flowers of Fengxian flowers faded, they entered the fruiting period.The fruits of Fengxianhua are generally mature in about 20 days.

The beauty of Fengxian flowers blooming

The blooming of Fengxian flowers is actually very beautiful, and its entire flower type looks a bit like a butterfly.Its flowers have a lot of colors, red, pink, white, purple, etc., which are very bright.Its flowers also have a single and heavy petals.

The fruits of Fengxianhua are actually more interesting. When the fruit matures, it will burst out at a glance, you can try it.

Flowering appreciation

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