Will Black Master will flow?

Will you bloom?

Black mage will bloom.

It is a succulent plant, most of the bacon plants of most Jing Tianke can bloom!

It is a cultivated variety of lotus palm, black purple, fluttering when the light is dim, and the top of the leaf has a tip, the leaves have eyelash cilia. It opened a small flower yellow, but not all black mages will bloom!

Will flowering will die?

After the black mage blossoms, it will die, but it will not die, some succulent plants will slowly dear. The black mage will slowly wilting, but it will not be completely withered. If a black mage has a lot of small heads, then the flowers, the leaves will slowly wither. In some cases, the blade under the small head withered only a few leaves of Yexin, and did not affect the growth of the plants.

How to raise it after flowering?

If you have not seen a black mage blossom, it is recommended to keep the stalks, enjoy the flowers, and proper water. But the flower stems are cut off in time and add nutrients.

I have seen many black mages blooming, then they cut it directly, anyway, the black mage blossoms, and the value of viewing is not very big. After the flower arrow is pulled out, cut it away to avoid excessive nutrients.

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