8 acres of wasteland, 66 -year -old elderly people raised flowers and plant vegetables for 8 years, and eventually become beautiful manor!

“This garden hidden in the bamboo sea undoubtedly belongs to the paradise. It is wide, atmospheric, full of European -style style. Such a garden will be amazing even in the West.”

This is the praise of this manor in the American home magazine “Beautiful Home”. Yes, it can no longer be called a garden, but it should be called a manor.

And this manor, which makes Chinese and foreign people envy, is a 66 -year -old man in China who has done it for 8 years.

But about this manor, in fact, 14 years ago, it was hovering in Lao Zhang’s mind.

Lao Zhang was a photographer who had a crazy resume before constructing the manor.

Tortoral shuttle in the hinterland of Tibet and going to the Plateau in the western Sichuan more than 40 times, there are countless times in western China, and nearly 100,000 photos of the landscape of the Plateau in the western China.

He loves the natural scenery, also loves all kinds of plants, and loves nature. He once said that I was a person who couldn’t stay in the city. The life I wanted was to stay away from the hustle and bustle, so when he stopped, he chose to build a garden by himself.

The obsession of the garden has been planted since childhood, because the place where Lao Zhang had lived was a large garden, and for so many years, he has been preparing for his garden silently. During the photography, he went to the mountains. Drilling, you will also visit someone else’s garden, pay attention to each path, the layout of each pond.

But the right place is not easy to find. Lao Zhang has gone so many places across the country, but he was not satisfied. Until 2002, he finally chose the address of his manor.

It was an abandoned forest farm. It was more than 20 kilometers away from Ma’anshan City, with a total of 8 acres, and there were still tens of kilometers of bamboo forests around the eyes full of green eyes and excellent environment.

Lao Zhang settled this place without any place. The lease period is 50 years. It wasn’t until the signing of the contract, and Lao Zhang was thinking about it, and he began to be busy building a garden!

When the forest farm was just bought, it was very desolate, and the surroundings were almost ruined. Old Zhang carefully examined the surrounding environment, and finally filmed to build a European -style style!

Lao Zhang did not find a special designer and intends to build it in accordance with his own mind.

The original building left by Lao Zhang was not removed. Instead, it was reinforced on the basis of the original basis, renovated, and changed to two -story European -style red -top small houses.

The transformation is a large project, a brick for building walls, a stones for small roads, and the street lights in the yard and various other scenery.

Lao Zhang is a person who can’t hold it. Even if he has a special master construction, Lao Zhang also runs before and after running. Even because a stone is not good -looking, he ran to the mountain to find it many times.

But all this is worth it. It lasted for 8 years and the estate was finally built. One of the bricks and a wood, one stone and a grass, all condensed Lao Zhang’s hard work and sweat.

The choice of plants in the garden also spent some thoughts. He planted more than a thousand kinds of plants in the manor. These plants were tropical, subtropical, and temperate, and each other’s flowers were staggered. In this way, the entire manor can be opened throughout the year.

However, some plants are not cold. Lao Zhang also specially built a 150 -square -meter three -story greenhouse flower room, which moved some of the plants that could not overwinter.

There are not only plants, but also various animals that Lao Zhang deliberately searched.

Peacock of Xian Ting Faculty

Elegant and beautiful swan

There are many wild birds, even some rare varieties.

After Lao Zhang sent his manor to the Internet, the reputation of the manor spread there, and gradually became famous in the flower friend circle, and many flower buddies came here.

In accordance with the requirements of these flower friends

Lao Zhang tried to receive some flower friends in 2015, which attracted them to visit their well -designed manor,

In addition to the large flower bed in front, there is a mountain spring on the mountain. After the old Zhang inspected, the terrain was simply made into a special water view.

Every day, the clear mountain spring water flows from the mountain into the garden, and the swimming pool is first passed.

After that, the koi ponds and lotus ponds were passed to ensure that the water in the yard was live water.

In addition, Lao Zhang also made a homemade filtering system to ensure that all kinds of pools can be clear all year round.

Lao Zhang is particularly careful about his garden, especially in detail, even the pattern at the bottom of the swimming pool is designed in person

To say that the most popular love in the entire yard is to take a large lawn in the center of the garden with red pottery pots and Japanese -style stone lanterns. Earth yellow and other plants.

But such a beautiful lawn is very hard every day, but Lao Zhang Gan is like a cricket.

Lao Zhang is usually reluctant to step in, so the two peacocks that walk leisurely on the lawn are particularly jealous.

Looking at the more beautiful manor, even Lao Zhang felt very surprised. Originally, I just wanted to realize my dream, but I did not expect that the last harvest was the garden in my spiritual garden.

Lao Zhang said: “After so many years of efforts, the original ruins are in my hands, and it has gradually become beautiful. It has become my spiritual home. I cherish this process very much.”

Cultivated with heart, pouring with love, and perseverance, even if it is a desolate ruin, it can be blossomed again.

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