Acacia’s breeding method and precautions

Acacia’s breeding method


Acacia is temperate, subtropical, tropical tree species, like warm environment, the growth temperature is 13 ° C -18 ° C, the winter energy is resistant to less 10 ° C, but grows slow in the cold environment.

In the southern region, the cultivation of the cultivation is not need to move into the greenhouse in winter.


Acacia is more like sunshine, not yin, so pay attention to the sunshine irradiation in the growth period, but summer sunlight is too strong, still need to be shade, avoid blade burns.


Acacia is not much demanding for soil, and its root has rhizobium, and has the ability to improve the soil.

The soil berlen and mild saline, but in fertile moist, good drainage and limestone seasons grow best.


Acacia is not high for fertilizer requirements, can be placed, even if it is a barren soil, it can grow vigorously.

Effects of accepted flowers


Acacia has noise and dust, so it needs to control the surrounding sound when we are cultivating, pay attention to the region where air pollution is serious.

Watering water

Acacia can resist the drought, but not water flood, water is not too much during the maintenance, so as not to cause water and flood, affect the respiration of the root, causing the root of the plant.


Acacia tree belongs to the shallow root species, the germination is not strong, so the normal growth rate is not trimmed during daily maintenance.

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